10 good reasons to play with the hoop!

1 – Play Hoop based Sports!


Regular training of about an hour will have an immediate effect on your fitness as a physically and mentally. Thanks to the hoop! you can gain endurance, dexterity, balance and flexibility and learn more about your body and your muscles.

2 – You refine!
It is difficult to say that the hula hoop makes you lose weight because it depends on many parameters (food, health, etc). But yes, the generated cardio vascular activity will be conducive to the hooping exercise which makes you lose weight. You definitely feel pleasant results in the first months through intensive mobilization of your abdominal muscles and a general refinement of your figure. The hoop is a good way to burn calories (up to 600 per hour) because your body makes a constant effort to maintain the movement of the hoop. Some exercises will play on your cardio, others contribute to your muscle building and the hoop is a complete sport!


3 – You express yourself!
Hoopdance styles are varied and everyone is free to express themselves in their own way as you develop your own body language. Here, we not try to “copy” that artist but each one shares and inspires others, each operating on the voice of its own. A series of basic movements are taught and you can then decline them, chain them or create your way. It is truly a unique relationship that is established between itself and its accessory.

4 – You move again and again!
The possibilities are unlimited. Each session will bring a technical improvement, progress whatsoever and that feeling of success will could not be more beneficial for your confidence, and your well-being.

5 – You relax & be friendly!
Learn several ways that can make you progress faster and in better conditions. The presence of a teacher is very useful to correct mistakes and discover new movements. In addition, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere allows you to relax and socialize with other followers of the hula hoop fitness.

6 – You are creative!
The hoopdance can prove to be a true philosophy. Manufacturing and hoops decoration, costume making, choice of music, dance style … you can create a clean or more universal style!

7 – At home, at the park, at the beach … you make everywhere!
In addition to classroom learning, you can take your hoop almost anywhere as long as you have the necessary space to dance and enjoy even during holidays. At the beach, in your garden, the hoop is your friend! Outside your hoop, your water bottle and possibly your music, you do not need other equipment to Hoop.

8 – You impress!
Yet uncommon practice, you are sure to attract curious looks and impress your audience with your movements “that throw in.” Your confidence increases and you gain insurance!

9 – You have fun!
What other activity can bring all these aspects together? You exercise, you meet new people, your social network grows, you create and you have fun! In the hoop no competition, we help each other, we laugh through which positive attitude is grown!

10 – You have a spiritual life!
The “flow” is a term that is often used in the hoop dance. This is somehow creating an uninterrupted flow of energy between you and your hoop. You enter into a form of trance that gives you a feeling of freedom. Your problems are distant and morale boosted! So what more?


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